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Applied Learning

As educators, we strive to equip our students with both the knowledge and the skills required for success in today’s rapidly changing world. We believe that learning should be active, authentic and applicable to the world beyond the classroom.

To achieve this, Applied Learning (Project Based Learning) (PBL) is now a part of the Stage 4 Curriculum – Transdiciplinary ( meaning learning content has connected learning outcomes). The Applied Learning or PBL approach is very different from “doing projects” or simple inquiry tasks. Using the PBL Works model of PBL, projects are purposefully scaffolded to ensure curriculum standards are properly addressed, ACARA General Capabilities are assessed, while providing for rich, open-ended driving questions that allow for creativity and student choice.

Community connections and replicating the adult world of work are essential elements of PBL, providing opportunities to be exposed experiences that broaden our students’ perspectives and raise their expectations of what they can achieve in their lives. In this way, we develop students who are well-prepared to contribute to our community as “active citizens” into the future.

Our students are engaging in: Learning Goals and Digital Portfolio’s of Learning.

• Growth Goal Setting

Learning goals involves striving to meet personally-set academic challenges, aiming to outperform one’s previous best efforts or performance. LINK: https://education.nsw.gov.au/about-us/educational-data/cese/publications/practical-guidesfor-educators/growth-goal-setting

• Digital Portfolio’s .

Digital portfolios are a space where students can reflect on their personal growth. Framed around the 5C’s, students are invited to share the work that they feel best showcases their skills. A digital portfolio allows our students to take control of their learning journey, selecting the evidence that best reflects their progress throughout Stage 4.

What are the 5C’s?

Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Citizenship

With the 5C’s approach, students develop greater capabilities for grit, resilience, empathy and altruism and the ability to think and work with others. With innovative teaching and learning that generates creativity in students, students are more engaged in a challenging learning process that equips them with agency to know how to learn.

Our aim at Henry Kendall High School is to build learners that are self-aware and have agency by using pedagogical practices and strategies that encourage embodied, experiential learning. This means offering learning opportunities that empower the learner where they're at.

21st Century Skills – Ensuring our students are empowered for their future.

1. Ways of thinking: creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making, and learning to learn/metacognition.

2. Ways of working: communication, and collaboration (teamwork).

3. Tools for working: information and ICT literacy.

4. Ways of living in the world: citizenship (local and global), life and career, and personal and social responsibility (including cultural awareness and competence).


NSW DET Applied Learning


NSW DET Project Based Learning Guide


Year 7 – Projects


T1: Identity and Wellbeing: PDHPE, Technology Mandatory, CAPA – Music

DQ- “How can we teach students at HKHS to be resilient and positive Wellbeing?”

T2: Global Social Warriors: Geography, English, PDHPE.

DQ- “How can we as film makers be a catalyst for change?”

T3: Rockbox: Science and Math

DQ- “How did this rock get here?” 




Year 8 – Projects


T1: Water World: Math, Technology Mandatory, Science

DQ- “How can we educate our community to use water more efficiently?”

T2: Hello Tucker: Language, Technology Mandatory, English

DQ- “Can a culture survive if its language dies?”

T3: Mask Up: History, Science, PDHPE

DQ: How has history and science helped us in the battle against COVID-19?