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Yrs 7-10 PD/H/PE

The Year 7 to 10 PD/H/PE program is divided into practical and theory components. In each unit of theory, students aim to achieve a series of outcomes designed to encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle through a variety of strategies including discussion, role play, research, audio visual stimulus, worksheets, debates and general note taking. The theory units studied are as follows:-

  • Year 8
    • A Balanced Lifestyle - fitness, nutrition and energy balance.
    • Adolescence a Time of Change - puberty, family and friends.
    • Not Just One of the Crowd - drugs, decision making, support.
    • Summer Safety - accidents, water safety, resuscitation, skin cancer.


  • Year 9
    • Go Pot-E on Drugs - drugs, marijuana, ecstasy.
    • Mirror, Mirror - body image.
    • Getting Together - relationships, sexuality, STI's, contraception.
    • Think Before you Click - cybersafety.


  • Year 10
    • Wheel Deal - driving, attitudes, safety and strategies
    • Don't Mind Me - self, mental health, bullying.
    • Lifelong Physical Activity - types, availability, barriers etc.
In practical lessons, students are encouraged to develop their movement skills through a process of skill development and related game play. Throughout their four years of practical lessons they are progressed through a range of skills in the following areas:-
  • Games - Touch, Volleyball, Oz Tag, Soccer, Soft Crosse, Netball, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Slide Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Paddle Tennis etc.
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance - Bush, Square, Ballroom, Rock and Roll and Latin.
  • Aquatics - Swimming and Lifesaving.