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PD/H/PE faculty

The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education faculty is concerned with developing the knowledge and skills, and fostering the attitudes that will empower students to adopt healthy lifestyles. The programs affect the way students think, feel and act in regard to their own well being and that of others and the community in which they live. Teaching and learning activities are designed to enable and encourage students to make informed decisions related to health, physical activity, lifestyle and life planning.

Participation in regular and varied physical activity is an inherent component of all PD/H/PE syllabuses. to ensure optimal structural growth and the efficient functioning of the body, physical activity is essential. Physical activity also provides an effective medium for learning by doing. Movement experiences aim to develop, not only the movement concepts and skills necessary for satisfying performance, but also self-awareness, aesthetic appreciation, problem solving and interpersonal skills.

The facilities at Henry Kendall High School include an oval, performance space, a covered outdoor learning area (basketball courts) and a large Multi Purpose Centre, allowing the students to access fine facilities. When combined with a wide variety of equipment and resources it continues to ensure that the students are encouraged to actively involve themselves in all aspects of health and physical activity.