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TAS faculty

The Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) faculty at Henry Kendall High School is a dynamic and high achieving staff in the school. All teachers are highly trained, committed and enthusiastic professionals with diverse expertise in home economics, computing technology and industrial arts.

TAS courses help to develop creativity and problem solving skills in your children. They also help to build their self-confidence as they take pride in creating something with their hands and imagination.

These courses include:

Stage 4 - In Years 7 and 8 we teach the Technology Mandatory course. The course gives students material an processes experience whilst expanding their creativity. Year 7 involves two hour workshops each week in Food Technology and Timber Technology. In Year 8 students learn Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Multimedia, Graphics Technology, Timber Technology and Metal Technology.


Stage 5 - Years 9 and 10 students are able to choose from Fashion Design, Food Technology, Industrial Technology Timber, Industrial Technology Metal and Information and Software Technology.


Stage 6 - Years 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to select from Design and Technology, Engineering Studies, Exploring Early Childhood, Information Processes and Technology, Industrial Technology Timber, Industrial Technology Graphics / Multimedia, Industrial Technology Metal, Society and Culture and Software Design and Development.


In TAS courses, your children are involved in a combination of practical, hands-on exercises and studies that give them an insight into professional application of these skills. They offer students an opportunity to gain valuable skills for future employment. At Henry Kendall High School we use industry standard equipment and practices to ensure students reach their full potential. TAS staff members also teach Vocational Education and Training courses in Hospitality and Metals and Engineering.