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Legal Studies

                                                  Mock Trial
Legal Studies

Students will develop an understanding of the implications that legal decisions can have for Australian society and the ways in which the legal system can affect the lives of Australian citizens.

A critical understanding of the processes of reform and change will help students to contribute to making our society more equitable for all.

The Legal Studies Stage 6 course offers excellent preparation for life through a study of the legal system, its principles, structures, institutions and processes. The course fosters respect for cultural diversity. It allows students to question and evaluate legal institutional structures in the domestic and international environments and to undertake a comparative analysis of other political and institutional structures.

Legal Studies enables students to have confidence in approaching and accessing the legal system and provides them with a better appreciation of the relationship between social and legal structures. The course will assist in the development of students' knowledge of their basic legal rights and responsibilities in a broad selection of contexts which appeal to their interests.

Students will also have the opportunity to experience firsthand the workings of the Australian Court System through participation in the Mock Trial and court visits.